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I'm pretty tired at the moment but I feel like a journal is a bit overdue, with all the things that happened in my life. Well, its not really that much, but I wanna talk about it anyway.

First of all I returned home from West Virginia a couple weeks ago! It was kind of boring but I went white water rafting which was fun~ And during that time I left with my dad for a week to go to the Oshkosh air show in Wisconsin. That was an experience.

School began this tuesday! I wish Summer were longer but I suppose it isn't that bad. My tech design class is really exciting since we'll be learning web, graphic, and game design which I can't wait to get into. Everything else is pretty standard.

Lets see... Pokemon? Oh YEAH Pokemon. Look at all these megas. Mega Altaria I can't wait to use. Mega Lopunny so dangerous yet cute. Mega Audino is majestic. Mega Slowbro? Mega Salamence? ...tbh I don't know whats up with those two but I can't help but love their goofiness. Also contests. They'll be amazing as long as we don't have to dress up in the outfits they showed off. I really don't want to wear that frilly pink pikachu outfit during every contest. Umm today's XY episode was fantastic. Not much else I have to say about it other than I thought it was one of the best episodes yet.

One thing I want to mention is that my family decided to take in an exchange student for the semester, and they'll be arriving within the next week or two. I don't know how to think of this but hopefully it'll go well. As long as they don't hate Pokemon. If they do hate it I think we'll have an issue.

Regarding things outside of my life, what is with this week? All of these bad things are happening I can't believe it. I have 2 specific things in mind but I think they're a given due to all the news over the internet.

I wrote more than I meant to. And its late. Sorry if I sound all bland/bored but I'm just ready to go to sleep and end my first school week. I haven't had much motivation online lately as well. Hopefully that picks up soon ;v; Nightt!
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